During their 2015 European Tour, Shelly Francis competed Doktor in the May 30-31 CDI 5* in Aachen and received 70.600% in the Grand Prix and 75.350% in the Grand Prix Freestyle. Following that with the June 18-21 CDIO 5* in Rotterdam, the pair was given 68.66% in its Grand Prix and 70.078% in the Grand Prix Special, receiving a Team Bronze in the CDIO. They ended their circuit with the July 9-11 Hagen CDIO 5*, receiving 69.460% in the Grand Prix and 69.980% in the Grand Prix Special. Danilo continually scored well in Europe. He received a 70.480% in the June 18-21 Rotterdam CDI 3* Grand Prix and 74.100% in the Grand Prix Freestyle. In the Hagen CDI 4*, he scored 70.300% in the Grand Prix and 73.850% in the Grand Prix Freestyle. With an average of over 72%, Shelly is enormously proud of him.